Spring Inspirations: May Intentions

We make time for the things we love 

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Writing is like preparing a beautiful cup of tea…

It’s a process of trusting time, of understanding that in time things brew, nuanced flavors develop, and deeper experiences emerge and become more palpable – imagery of a thought or feeling becomes more clear.

All that to say, I’ve decided to make more time in my life for writing – for all the things that keep me inspired and curious, really.  I’ve decided to carve out a little more time in my days to upload a new blog posts during the month of May, at least one per week is my intention.  Partly because I want to challenge myself to share a bit more, partly because finding the time to sit down and actually write something that is ‘complete’ seems damn near impossible for me right now; but mostly  because I’m craving the creativity and inspiration that comes with doing something in the name of creative spirit rather than in the name of work.

I want to take the time to steep in the art of articulating the thoughts and feelings I have and the lessons I learn along the way.


The other day I was telling Zack about a project I was passionate about, and wanting to work towards. I spent several minutes sharing my scattered ideas and thoughts to him. And then, in the most cavalier way I declared,

“But it’s a bummer because I don’t have the time to do it. I’m already too busy. “….

Zack replied,

“Sure you work a lot and are really busy, but you just have to be organized about it If you worked on it for 15 minutes each day you could do it. You just gotta give yourself small goals that you can work on for 15 minutes a day.”

( I love this man)

Thank you for this, my darling.

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Over the past few months I’ve been reflecting on how I send my time, both when I’m working and not working. I’ve realized that I want to make more room in my mind and in my life for all the things that fill me with inspiration and joy on a more regular basis. I already do so many things I love, and I love my job; so in a sense my life is already decorated in activities and relationships that keep me inspired. But I want to do more for myself.  Because I still often get to the end of the day and feel that I missed out on some opportunities to do the things I love.

So, this month I’m trying to spend more time reading books, writing things I believe in, spend 15 minutes each day to work on that project I’m passionate about developing , take photos that express something true and alive, spend more slow mornings with my pup and my love, and have more in person conversations. This month I’m spending more time doing the things that inspire me to express myself, that keep me focused on what’s important to me, and that inspire me.

Some days I have 15 minutes, some days I have 30 minutes….but I always have the time. And this month I’m showing myself that, that I always have the time to take good care of the things I love and the gifts I have.

We all do.

So what are you doing this month?

How are you creating more inspiration and joy in your daily life?

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