Just a moment.



” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 


Simplicity is a gift.

To feel better, to feel good, to feel happy, to feel alive…..it’s all so beautifully tangled up in the simple.

The comfort of  a deep breath.

 A glass of water.

Eye contact.

Walking through the open air and open space can stir up wonder in even the most muddled of minds.

A smile; it will shift the course of your day.

Recognizing and appreciating simplicity is an opportunity to tune into reality – a presence that is raw, real, and natural, rather than planned, manicured, and executed to meet a desired expectation. Reality is simple.

I think at times we all get stuck  in the mindset that an enriched life is complex, that growth and development of any kind leads to more extravagance,  that being better is somehow correlated to having more. But the longer I live and the more people I meet, the more I see extravagance, complexity, and the desire for more for what they are –  a big ol’ blind spots.

How does wanting more, or having more, or juggling more balls in the air make you feel more successful?

And does the desire for more really increase  your quality of life?

When will enough actually be enough? 

The truth is I don’t really have the answers is for you. But what I do know from my experiences in the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area and the slow steadiness of my time in the wilderness, is that making room for simplicity in daily life is crucial. Why?  Because simplicity generates contentment. Sure, some times life will require that you juggle 5 things at once….But do you ever stop? Do you know when to stop? Can you put everything down and just do one thing? Can you “do” nothing?


The other day I woke up wondering how I’ll ever get to it all. The list of everything I need to do, love to do, want to learn, am interested in exploring, and want to share is very looooong. And on this particular day I woke up believing there was no way I could do it all and still manage to eat and sleep regularly. Luckily, on this particular morning, I was fortunate enough to be reminded that all I have is this moment, this one right here. And all I can do in this moment is carefully choose how and where I will direct my attention, what I choose to focus on.

Sure you can stress, and strain, and force, and cram until the cows come home, but you still will only have this moment. And I don’t know about you, but if this moment is all I have then I don’t want to fill it with a bunch of worries, stresses, and what if’s. I desperately want to live it.


So, if you’re like me and you’re staring at 2017 square in the face ready to plan the shit out of every moment, then maybe take a step back…..

Remember, you only have this moment right here. And living in the moments means leaving room for the simple things, staying open to the many gifts that could never be reduced to a plan or todo list but nonetheless will arrive on the doorstep of your heart and soul; the simple invisible gifts that will inspire and nurture your presence in the moments yet to come.

Happy New Year!


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